What’s new and changed for scripting?

After Effects 22.3 (April 2022)

After Effects 22.0 (October 2021)

After Effects 18.0 (March 2021)

After Effects 17.1.1 (May 2020)

  • Scripting access to Shape Layer Stroke Taper, Stroke Waves, Offset Paths Copies, Offset Path Copy Offset
  • Fixed an issue to allow negative values for CompItem.displayStartTime:
    • Added CompItem.displayStartFrame

    • Now matches the valid range allowed when setting the Start Timecode in the Composition Settings Dialog (-3:00:00:00 to 23:59:00:00).

After Effects 17.0.1 (November 2019)

After Effects 16.1

After Effects 16.0 (October 2018)

After Effects 15.1 (April 2018)

After Effects 15.0 (October 2017)

After Effects 14.2.1 (CC 2017.2) (June 2017)

  • Buttons in ScriptUI panels have been reverted to the rectangular appearance seen in After Effects 14.1 and previous releases.

  • The AVItem.setProxyToNone() scripting method no longer fails with an error message, “After Effects error: AEGP trying to add invalid footage”.

  • The System.callSystem() scripting method now waits for all tasks called by the command to complete, instead of failing when the command takes a long time to complete.

After Effects 14.2 (CC 2017.1) (April 2017)

After Effects 14.0 (CC 2017) (November 2016)

After Effects 13.8 (CC 2015.3) (June 2016)

  • Enable GPU effect rendering via scripting
  • New Gaussian Blur effect added w/ matchname ADBE Gaussian Blur 2

After Effects 13.6 (CC 2015) (November 2015)

  • Scripting access to text baselines
  • New scripting method to generate random numbers
  • Using the copyToComp() scripting method no longer causes After Effects to crash when the layer has a parent.

  • The valueAtTime() scripting method now waits for time-intensive expressions, like sampleImage, to finish evaluating before it returns the result.

  • ScriptUI panels now display and resize correctly on high-DPI displays on Windows.

  • After Effects no longer crashes when you click OK or Cancel buttons in a scriptUI dialog with tabbed panels.

After Effects 13.2 (CC 2014.2) (December 2014)

After Effects 13.1 (CC 2014.1) (September 2014)

  • Scripting improvements for text layers (read-only)
  • “Use Legacy UI” toggle implemented

After Effects 13.0 (CC 2014) (June 2014)

After Effects 12.0 (CC) (June 2013)

  • Access to effect’s internal version string
    • Added: Application effects object’s version attribute, see app.effects

  • Ability to get and set preview mode
  • Access to layer sampling method (see samplingQuality)

  • Changed preference and settings methods (see Settings object)

  • ScriptUI is now based on the same controls as the main application.

After Effects 11.0 (CS6) (April 2012)

After Effects 10.5 (CS5.5) (April 2011)

After Effects 9.0 (CS4) (September 2008)