ThreeDModelLayer objectΒΆ



This functionality was added in After Effects (Beta) 24.4 and is subject to change while it remains in Beta.


The ThreeDModelLayer object represents a 3D Model layer within a composition.

ThreeDModelLayer is a subclass of AVLayer object. All methods and attributes of AVLayer are available when working with ThreeDModelLayer.

AE Properties

ThreeDModelLayer inherits the following properties and property groups from AVLayer object:

  • Marker

  • Time Remap

  • Transform

    • Anchor Point

    • Position

    • Scale

    • Orientation

    • X Rotation

    • Y Rotation

    • Rotation

    • Opacity

  • Layer Styles

  • Audio

    • AudioLevels


If the first item in the project is a CompItem, and the first layer of that CompItem is an ThreeDModelLayer, the following checks its type.

var modelLayer = app.project.item(1).layer(1);
if (modelLayer instanceof ThreeDModelLayer)
   // do something