3d Layer Match NamesΒΆ

Category Match Name Display Name (EN)
Plane ADBE Plane Options Group Geometry Options
ADBE Plane Curvature Curvature
ADBE Plane Subdivision Segments
ADBE Extrsn Options Group Geometry Options
ADBE Bevel Depth Bevel Depth
ADBE Hole Bevel Depth Hole Bevel Depth
ADBE Extrsn Depth Extrusion Depth
Materials ADBE Material Options Group Material Options
ADBE Light Transmission Light Transmission
ADBE Ambient Coefficient Ambient
ADBE Diffuse Coefficient Diffuse
ADBE Specular Coefficient Specular Intensity
ADBE Shininess Coefficient Specular Shininess
ADBE Metal Coefficient Metal
ADBE Reflection Coefficient Reflection Intensity
ADBE Glossiness Coefficient Reflection Sharpness
ADBE Fresnel Coefficient Reflection Rolloff
ADBE Transparency Coefficient Transparency
ADBE Transp Rolloff Transparency Rolloff
ADBE Index of Refraction Index of Refraction