Layer Styles Match NamesΒΆ

Category Match Name Display Name (EN)
Styles ADBE Blend Options Group Blending Options
ADBE Global Angle2 Global Light Angle
ADBE Global Altitude2 Global Light Altitude
ADBE Adv Blend Group Advanced Blending
ADBE Layer Fill Opacity2 Fill Opacity
ADBE R Channel Blend Red
ADBE G Channel Blend Green
ADBE B Channel Blend Blue
ADBE Blend Interior Blend Interior Styles as Group
ADBE Blend Ranges Use Blend Ranges from Source
Drop Shadow dropShadow/enabled Drop Shadow
dropShadow/mode2 Blend Mode
dropShadow/color Color
dropShadow/opacity Opacity
dropShadow/useGlobalAngle Use Global Light
dropShadow/localLightingAngle Angle
dropShadow/distance Distance
dropShadow/chokeMatte Spread
dropShadow/blur Size
dropShadow/noise Noise
dropShadow/layerConceals Layer Knocks Out Drop Shadow
Inner Shadow innerShadow/enabled Inner Shadow
innerShadow/mode2 Blend Mode
innerShadow/color Color
innerShadow/opacity Opacity
innerShadow/useGlobalAngle Use Global Light
innerShadow/localLightingAngle Angle
innerShadow/distance Distance
innerShadow/chokeMatte Choke
innerShadow/blur Size
innerShadow/noise Noise
Outer Glow outerGlow/enabled Outer Glow
outerGlow/mode2 Blend Mode
outerGlow/opacity Opacity
outerGlow/noise Noise
outerGlow/AEColorChoice Color Type
outerGlow/color Color
outerGlow/gradient Colors
outerGlow/gradientSmoothness Gradient Smoothness
outerGlow/glowTechnique Technique
outerGlow/chokeMatte Spread
outerGlow/blur Size
outerGlow/inputRange Range
outerGlow/shadingNoise Jitter
Inner Glow innerGlow/enabled Inner Glow
innerGlow/mode2 Blend Mode
innerGlow/opacity Opacity
innerGlow/noise Noise
innerGlow/AEColorChoice Color Type
innerGlow/color Color
innerGlow/gradient Colors
innerGlow/gradientSmoothness Gradient Smoothness
innerGlow/glowTechnique Technique
innerGlow/innerGlowSource Source
innerGlow/chokeMatte Choke
innerGlow/blur Size
innerGlow/inputRange Range
innerGlow/shadingNoise Jitter
Bevel/Emboss bevelEmboss/enabled Bevel and Emboss
bevelEmboss/bevelStyle Style
bevelEmboss/bevelTechnique Technique
bevelEmboss/strengthRatio Depth
bevelEmboss/bevelDirection Direction
bevelEmboss/blur Size
bevelEmboss/softness Soften
bevelEmboss/useGlobalAngle Use Global Light
bevelEmboss/localLightingAngle Angle
bevelEmboss/localLightingAltitude Altitude
bevelEmboss/highlightMode Highlight Mode
bevelEmboss/highlightColor Highlight Color
bevelEmboss/highlightOpacity Highlight Opacity
bevelEmboss/shadowMode Shadow Mode
bevelEmboss/shadowColor Shadow Color
bevelEmboss/shadowOpacity Shadow Opacity
Satin chromeFX/enabled Satin
chromeFX/mode2 Blend Mode
chromeFX/color Color
chromeFX/opacity Opacity
chromeFX/localLightingAngle Angle
chromeFX/distance Distance
chromeFX/blur Size
chromeFX/invert Invert
Solid Fill solidFill/enabled Color Overlay
solidFill/mode2 Blend Mode
solidFill/color Color
solidFill/opacity Opacity
Grad Fill gradientFill/enabled Gradient Overlay
gradientFill/mode2 Blend Mode
gradientFill/opacity Opacity
gradientFill/gradient Colors
gradientFill/gradientSmoothness Gradient Smoothness
gradientFill/angle Angle
gradientFill/type Style
gradientFill/reverse Reverse
gradientFill/align Align with Layer
gradientFill/scale Scale
gradientFill/offset Offset
Pattern patternFill/enabled Pattern Overlay
patternFill/mode2 Blend Mode
patternFill/opacity Opacity
patternFill/align Link with Layer
patternFill/scale Scale
patternFill/phase Offset
Stroke frameFX/enabled Stroke
frameFX/mode2 Blend Mode
frameFX/color Color
frameFX/size Size
frameFX/opacity Opacity
frameFX/style Position