First-Party Effect Match NamesΒΆ

This list also details effect Bits Per Channel (BPC) and the AE version GPU-acceleration was introduced, if applicable.

Category Match Name Display Name (EN) BPC GPU
3D Channel ADBE AUX CHANNEL EXTRACT 3D Channel Extract 8  
ADBE DEPTH MATTE Depth Matte 32  
ADBE DEPTH FIELD Depth of Field 32  
EXtractoR EXtractoR 32  
ADBE FOG_3D Fog 3D 32  
IDentifier IDentifier 32  
Audio ADBE Aud Reverse Backwards    
ADBE Aud BT Bass & Treble    
ADBE Aud Delay Delay    
ADBE Aud_Flange Flange & Chorus    
ADBE Aud HiLo High-Low Pass    
ADBE Aud Modulator Modulator    
ADBE Param EQ Parametric EQ    
ADBE Aud Reverb Reverb    
ADBE Aud Stereo Mixer Stereo Mixer    
ADBE Aud Tone Tone    
Blur & Sharpen ADBE Bilateral Bilateral Blur 32  
ADBE Camera Lens Blur Camera Lens Blur 32  
ADBE CameraShakeDeblur Camera-Shake Deblur 32  
CS CrossBlur CC Cross Blur 32  
CC Radial Blur CC Radial Blur 32  
CC Radial Fast Blur CC Radial Fast Blur 16  
CC Vector Blur CC Vector Blur 16  
ADBE Channel Blur Channel Blur 32  
ADBE Compound Blur Compound Blur 32  
ADBE Motion Blur Directional Blur 32 15.0
ADBE Box Blur2 Fast Box Blur 32 14.2
ADBE Gaussian Blur 2 Gaussian Blur 32 13.8
ADBE Radial Blur Radial Blur 32  
ADBE Sharpen Sharpen 32 13.8
ADBE Smart Blur Smart Blur 16  
ADBE Unsharp Mask2 Unsharp Mask 32  
Channel ADBE Arithmetic Arithmetic 8  
ADBE Blend Blend 16  
ADBE Calculations Calculations 16  
CC Composite CC Composite 16  
ADBE Channel Combiner Channel Combiner 8  
ADBE Compound Arithmetic Compound Arithmetic 8  
ADBE Invert Invert 32 14.1
ADBE Minimax Minimax 16  
ADBE Remove Color Matting Remove Color Matting 32  
ADBE Set Channels Set Channels 16  
ADBE Set Matte3 Set Matte 32  
ADBE Shift Channels Shift Channels 32  
ADBE Solid Composite Solid Composite 32  
Color Correction ADBE AutoColor Auto Color 16  
ADBE AutoContrast Auto Contrast 16  
ADBE AutoLevels Auto Levels 16  
ADBE Black&White Black & White 16  
ADBE Brightness & Contrast 2 Brightness & Contrast 32 14.1
ADBE Broadcast Colors Broadcast Colors 8  
CS Color Neutralizer CC Color Neutralizer 32  
CC Color Offset CC Color Offset 16  
CS Kernel CC Kernel 32  
CC Toner CC Toner 32  
ADBE Change Color Change Color 16  
ADBE Change To Color Change to Color 16  
ADBE CHANNEL MIXER Channel Mixer 32  
ADBE Color Balance 2 Color Balance 16  
ADBE Color Balance (HLS) Color Balance (HLS) 16  
ADBE Color Link Color Link 8  
ADBE Deflicker Color Stabilizer 16  
APC Colorama Colorama 16  
ADBE CurvesCustom Curves 32  
ADBE Equalize Equalize 8  
ADBE Exposure2 Exposure 32  
ADBE Gamma/Pedestal/Gain2 Gamma/Pedestal/Gain 8  
ADBE HUE SATURATION Hue/Saturation 32 14.1
ADBE Leave Color Leave Color 8  
ADBE Easy Levels2 Levels 32 14.2
ADBE Pro Levels2 Levels (Individual Controls) 32 14.2
ADBE Lumetri Lumetri Color 32 13.8
ADBE PhotoFilterPS Photo Filter 32  
ADBE PS Arbitrary Map PS Arbitrary Map 8  
ADBE SelectiveColor Selective Color 16  
ADBE ShadowHighlight Shadow/Highlight 16  
ADBE Tint Tint 32 14.1
ADBE Tritone Tritone 32  
ADBE Vibrance Vibrance 16  
Distort ADBE BEZMESH Bezier Warp 16  
ADBE Bulge Bulge 16  
CC Bend It CC Bend It 16  
CC Bender CC Bender 16  
CC Blobbylize CC Blobbylize 16  
CC Flo Motion CC Flo Motion 32  
CC Griddler CC Griddler 32  
CC Lens CC Lens 32  
CC Page Turn CC Page Turn 16  
CC Power Pin CC Power Pin 32  
CC Ripple Pulse CC Ripple Pulse 32  
CC Slant CC Slant 16  
CC Smear CC Smear 32  
CC Split CC Split 16  
CC Split 2 CC Split 2 16  
CC Tiler CC Tiler 32  
ADBE Corner Pin Corner Pin 32  
ADBE Upscale Detail-preserving Upscale 32  
ADBE Displacement Map Displacement Map 32  
ADBE LIQUIFY Liquify 16  
ADBE Magnify Magnify 8  
ADBE MESH WARP Mesh Warp 16  
ADBE Mirror Mirror 16  
ADBE Offset Offset 16 14.2
ADBE Optics Compensation Optics Compensation 32  
ADBE Polar Coordinates Polar Coordinates 32  
ADBE RESHAPE Reshape 16  
ADBE Ripple Ripple 16  
ADBE Rolling Shutter Rolling Shutter Repair 32  
ADBE Spherize Spherize 16  
ADBE Geometry2 Transform 32 15.0
ADBE Turbulent Displace Turbulent Displace 32  
ADBE Twirl Twirl 32  
ADBE SubspaceStabilizer Warp Stabilizer VFX 32  
ADBE Wave Warp Wave Warp 16  
Expression Controls ADBE Point3D Control 3D Point Control 32  
ADBE Angle Control Angle Control 32  
ADBE Checkbox Control Checkbox Control 32  
ADBE Color Control Color Control 32  
ADBE Dropdown Control Dropdown Control 32  
ADBE Layer Control Layer Control 32  
ADBE Point Control Point Control 32  
ADBE Slider Control Slider Control 32  
Generate ADBE 4ColorGradient 4-Color Gradient 16  
ADBE Lightning 2 Advanced Lightning 8  
ADBE AudSpect Audio Spectrum 32  
ADBE AudWave Audio Waveform 32  
ADBE Laser Beam 32  
CC Glue Gun CC Glue Gun 32  
CC Light Burst 2.5 CC Light Burst 2.5 32  
CC Light Rays CC Light Rays 32  
CC Light Sweep CC Light Sweep 32  
CS Threads CC Threads 32  
ADBE Cell Pattern Cell Pattern 8  
ADBE Checkerboard Checkerboard 8  
ADBE Circle Circle 8  
ADBE ELLIPSE Ellipse 32  
ADBE Eyedropper Fill Eyedropper Fill 8  
ADBE Fill Fill 32  
ADBE Fractal Fractal 16  
ADBE Ramp Gradient Ramp 32 14.2
ADBE Grid Grid 8  
ADBE Lens Flare Lens Flare 8  
ADBE Paint Bucket Paint Bucket 8  
APC Radio Waves Radio Waves 8  
ADBE Scribble Fill Scribble 8  
ADBE Stroke Stroke 8  
APC Vegas Vegas 8  
ADBE Write-on Write-on 8  
Keying ADBE Spill2 Advanced Spill Suppressor 32  
CC Simple Wire Removal CC Simple Wire Removal 32  
ADBE Color Difference Key Color Difference Key 16  
ADBE Color Range Color Range 8  
ADBE Difference Matte2 Difference Matte 16  
ADBE Extract Extract 16  
ADBE ATG Extract Inner/Outer Key 16  
ADBE KeyCleaner Key Cleaner 32  
Keylight 906 Keylight (1.2) 32  
ADBE Linear Color Key2 Linear Color Key 32  
Matte ADBE Matte Choker Matte Choker 16  
ISL MochaShapeImporter mocha shape 32  
ADBE RefineRBMatte Refine Hard Matte 32  
ADBE RefineMatte2 Refine Soft Matte 32  
ADBE Simple Choker Simple Choker 32  
Noise & Grain VISINF Grain Implant Add Grain 16  
ADBE Dust & Scratches Dust & Scratches 16  
ADBE Fractal Noise Fractal Noise 32 14.2
VISINF Grain Duplication Match Grain 16  
ADBE Median Median 16  
ADBE Noise Noise 32  
ADBE Noise Alpha2 Noise Alpha 8  
ADBE Noise HLS2 Noise HLS 8  
ADBE Noise HLS Auto2 Noise HLS Auto 8  
VISINF Grain Removal Remove Grain 16  
ADBE AIF Perlin Noise 3D Turbulent Noise 32  
Obsolete ADBE Basic 3D Basic 3D 8  
ADBE Basic Text2 Basic Text 8  
ADBE Color Key Color Key 16  
ADBE Fast Blur Fast Blur (Legacy) 32  
ADBE Gaussian Blur Gaussian Blur (Legacy) 32  
ADBE Lightning Lightning 8  
ADBE Luma Key Luma Key 16  
ADBE Path Text Path Text 8  
ADBE Reduce Interlace Flicker Reduce Interlace Flicker 32  
ADBE Spill Suppressor Spill Suppressor 32  
Perspective ADBE 3D Tracker 3D Camera Tracker 32  
ADBE 3D Glasses2 3D Glasses 32  
ADBE Bevel Alpha Bevel Alpha 16  
ADBE Bevel Edges Bevel Edges 8  
CC Cylinder CC Cylinder 16  
CC Environment CC Environment 32  
CC Sphere CC Sphere 32  
CC Spotlight CC Spotlight 16  
ADBE Drop Shadow Drop Shadow 32 14.2
ADBE Radial Shadow Radial Shadow 8  
Simulation APC CardDanceCam Card Dance 8  
APC Caustics Caustics 8  
CC Ball Action CC Ball Action 16  
CC Bubbles CC Bubbles 32  
CC Drizzle CC Drizzle 32  
CC Hair CC Hair 16  
CC Mr. Mercury CC Mr. Mercury 32  
CC Particle Systems II CC Particle Systems II 32  
CC Particle World CC Particle World 16  
CC Pixel Polly CC Pixel Polly 16  
CSRainfall CC Rainfall 32  
CC Scatterize CC Scatterize 16  
CSSnowfall CC Snowfall 32  
CC Star Burst CC Star Burst 16  
APC Foam Foam 8  
ADBE Playgnd Particle Playground 8  
APC Shatter Shatter 8  
APC Wave World Wave World 8  
Stylize ADBE Brush Strokes Brush Strokes 8  
ADBE Cartoonify Cartoon 32  
CS BlockLoad CC Block Load 32  
CC Burn Film CC Burn Film 32  
CC Glass CC Glass 16  
CS HexTile CC HexTile 32  
CC Kaleida CC Kaleida 32  
CC Mr. Smoothie CC Mr. Smoothie 16  
CC Plastic CC Plastic 16  
CC RepeTile CC RepeTile 32  
CC Threshold CC Threshold 32  
CC Threshold RGB CC Threshold RGB 32  
CS Vignette CC Vignette 32  
ADBE Color Emboss Color Emboss 16  
ADBE Emboss Emboss 16  
ADBE Find Edges Find Edges 8 14.1
ADBE Glo2 Glow 32 14.1
ADBE Mosaic Mosaic 16  
ADBE Tile Motion Tile 8  
ADBE Posterize Posterize 32  
ADBE Roughen Edges Roughen Edges 8  
ADBE Scatter Scatter 16  
ADBE Strobe Strobe Light 8  
ADBE Texturize Texturize 8  
ADBE Threshold2 Threshold 32  
Synthetic Aperture SYNTHAP CF Color Finesse 2 SA Color Finesse 3 32  
Text ADBE Numbers2 Numbers 8  
ADBE Timecode Timecode 8  
Time CC Force Motion Blur CC Force Motion Blur 32  
CC Wide Time CC Wide Time 32  
ADBE Echo Echo 32  
ADBE OFMotionBlur Pixel Motion Blur 32  
ADBE Posterize Time Posterize Time 32  
ADBE Difference Time Difference 8  
ADBE Time Displacement Time Displacement 16  
ADBE Timewarp Timewarp 32  
Transition ADBE Block Dissolve Block Dissolve 16  
APC CardWipeCam Card Wipe 8  
CC Glass Wipe CC Glass Wipe 16  
CC Grid Wipe CC Grid Wipe 32  
CC Image Wipe CC Image Wipe 16  
CC Jaws CC Jaws 32  
CC Light Wipe CC Light Wipe 16  
CS LineSweep CC Line Sweep 32  
CC Radial ScaleWipe CC Radial ScaleWipe 16  
CC Scale Wipe CC Scale Wipe 32  
CC Twister CC Twister 16  
CC WarpoMatic CC WarpoMatic 16  
ADBE Gradient Wipe Gradient Wipe 16  
ADBE IRIS_WIPE Iris Wipe 32  
ADBE Linear Wipe Linear Wipe 32  
ADBE Radial Wipe Radial Wipe 32  
ADBE Venetian Blinds Venetian Blinds 32  
Utility ADBE Apply Color LUT2 Apply Color LUT 32  
CC Overbrights CC Overbrights 32  
ADBE Cineon Converter2 Cineon Converter 32  
ADBE ProfileToProfile Color Profile Converter 32  
ADBE GROW BOUNDS Grow Bounds 32  
ADBE Compander HDR Compander 32  
ADBE HDR ToneMap HDR Highlight Compression 32  
_Obsolete ADBE Paint Paint    
ADBE Samurai Roto Brush & Refine Edge    
ADBE FreePin3 Puppet    
ADBE RefineMatte Refine Matte    
ADBE 3D Glasses 3D Glasses (Obsolete)    
ADBE Alpha Levels2 Alpha Levels    
ADBE Alpha Levels3 Alpha Levels    
ADBE Apply Color LUT Apply Color LUT    
ADBE Brightness & Contrast Brightness & Contrast    
ADBE Box Blur Box Blur    
ADBE Cineon Converter Cineon Converter    
ADBE Color Balance Color Balance    
CC PS Classic CC PS Classic (obsolete)    
CC PS LE Classic CC PS LE Classic (obsolete)    
CC Rain CC Rain    
CC Snow CC Snow    
CC Time Blend CC Time Blend    
CC Time Blend FX CC Time Blend FX    
ADBE Exposure Exposure    
ADBE Easy Levels Levels    
ADBE Pro Levels Levels (Individual Controls)    
ADBE Noise Alpha Noise Alpha    
ADBE Noise HLS Noise HLS    
ADBE Noise HLS Auto Noise HLS Auto    
ADBE PSL Bevel Emboss Photoshop Bevel And Emboss    
ADBE PSL Drop Shadow Photoshop Drop Shadow    
ADBE PSL Inner Glow Photoshop Inner Glow    
ADBE PSL Inner Shadow Photoshop Inner Shadow    
ADBE PSL Outer Glow Photoshop Outer Glow    
ADBE PSL Solid Fill Photoshop Solid Fill    
ADBE Photo Filter Photo Filter    
ADBE Set Matte2 Set Matte    
ADBE Three-Way Color Corrector Three-Way Color Corrector    
ADBE Threshold Threshold    
ADBE Geometry Transform    
ADBE Unsharp Mask Unsharp Mask    
ADBE Vector Paint Vector Paint